Transform task renaming Table + Adding "Create table"

trafalger Contributor

Whenever I try to run own of my data flows automatically it bombs. 


When I check the dataflow transform task it always changes from "SELECT COLUMNNAME"

to "CREATE TABLE" and renames the output tablename to something generic. Anyone seen this before? 

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  • trafalger
    trafalger Contributor
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    I figured it out - basically, I was adding dashes to my dataflow name like "dev-dataflow" but once I removed those it stopped happening. Lesson learned! 


  • Hi,


    Is anyone able to help with this request?



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey bvankampen,

    I think it might be best to have you reach out to your Domo account team on that one, as it sounds like something may be performing incorrectly. Output tables shouldn't be automatically re-named after you've set a title for it.