Quick Filters



For some reason when I edit a card my quick filters change from "In" to "Not In".  Whenever I edit a card I need to verify my quick filters have not changed.  Anyone else seeing this behavior and is there a way to prevent it from happening when a card is edited?


Thanks in advance for your answers!



  • I haven't seen that behavior before when editing or creating cards. Are you able to replicate the behavior or is it sporadic?


    That's definitely something I'd bring up to support if you haven't already.




  • 100% reproducible!  I currently have a table card setup with 2 quick filters.  I select the filters and drill down to the next level and everything works fine.  Edit the card and the quick filters are now set to "Not In".  If I edit this card I have to change the quick filters back to "In".  I will open a support case since this appears to be outside the norm and I can reproduce with this card consistently.

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