Scheduling an update of CSV file

Is it possible to schedule an automatic update of a CSV or Excel file?  I can connect to my file and update it manually, but is it also possible to schedule an automated update?  How can if find out how to do this, if possible?

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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey @AttuAk,


    One of the best solutions for automatic uploads of .CSV or Excel files is the Domo Workbench tool. It can be set to grab the file at a cadence so you have an updating dataset in Domo. It can be downloaded in the Admin menu in Domo under "Tool Downloads".


    Here is a place to start in the Help Center on getting it up and running.



    Let me know if this works for you or you had something else in mind.


    Best of luck!



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  • Ah..yes.  Workbench.  Thank you for the response and the direction.  That should work perfect.