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I am working on making updates to some cards that I am not the owner of, but do have edit access on. I can make the updates to the card in the analyzer, but when I try to make edits to the drill path it shows that it is blank. I know these cards have drill paths and I am curious if anyone knows why I might not be able to see and edit these. Is there some setting on the cards preventing me from doing this or is it a glitch?




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    We recently had the same issue. Our department head (privileged user) couldn't see the drill list for some cards on his pages in order to edit the drill paths.


    Support's response:

    Currently only Admin users can edit drill views created by other users. This is built into the different levels of permissions.


    It doesn't help if you make that person an owner.  It's a matter of drill creator, not owner.


    Support put in an enhancement request for us, so hopefully we all have this enhancement to look forward to.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Adam,


    Not sure if this is why, but it is possible for you to have access to the original dataset being used and then the drilldowns to utilize a different dataset that you might not have edit permissions to.


    Might be worth looking into.




  • Thanks for the insight. I looked into this and it appears the dataset used in the drill path is the same as on the main card and it is a dataset I have access to. A few other notes that may be helpful.

          -  I noticed that while I may not be able to see the current drill path I do have the access to add a view.

          -  When I save as the card onto my own page I am able to see and edit the existing drill path.



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