Bug Update: Filtering on Null Values

Past May @SamEich posted a bug regarding Null values. Basically the filters you add to a Domo card are not able to filter on a null value. I ran into this problem several times and the bug still does not seem fixed. How could we know the status of this request and when it will be implemented? Should I contact Domo Support? Bugs like this should be addressed quickly.



  • @iresanjogar


    I am following up with the product team on this. It's not really a bug as opposed to a feature enhancement.




    If you had something else in mind please advise.



  • I haven't tested this, but I thought I saw this done with this value in the filter:




    Let me know if it works.

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    I too am having a problem seeing what items fall into the null catagory in my data.  They are items that need to be fixed, but no transactions show so I can see what needs to be fixed.

  • Currently what I do to identify the Null values in a dataset is to use the "IFNULL" BeastMode function within the creating of a card:

    Numeric: IFNULL('column', 0)

    Text: IFNULL('column', '0')

    But these are extra steps that should be avoided since they slow down the process of analyzing the data and creating cards (besides you end up creating too many variables and the dataset becomes busy and confusing).

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    Anything new on this topic?  I just had this come up for me again, and since there is no detail when you drill down on a null value, I'm not able to fix what caused it.

  • @btm @Dark_Knight


    Can you guys chime in on this one?



  • Came across the same issue. Would definitely be great if Domo would address this from a development standpoint. I had to workaround the issue by creating an ETL that replaced NULL values with a text value of 'NULL' which allowed me to filter on those NULL values.



  • This appears to still be a bug. Any updates?

  • I agree. Even if I wanted to only show NULLS in my report, I cannot. There's no way to recreate the "is null" and "is not null" from SQL.

  • I would love for this bug to be fixed. 

  • Just ran into this same issue, it's been a long-standing issue, hopefully we'll see a fix or new feature soon. 

  • This thread is almost 4 years old.  Has DOMO provided a solution to this yet?  I am having the same issues.

  • use a beastmode in your filter where you replace NULLS with a text value.


    ifnull(column, "No Value" )

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  • Thank you Jae. 


    That what I did.  It is just an unnecessary step that I would have rather skipped.  Domo should fix this.  If a NULL value is valid, then you should be able to filter on it without a Beast Mode.

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