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as we grow our Pages and number of cards in Domo we're running into issues for efficiently managing cards. Has anyone found a solution to automatically create or edit cards based on the same Dataset? Is there any other way to bulk manage cards?


That would save hours of clicking for duplicating, just changing one or two filter values (and repeat all of that anytime an existing column is renamed which would break beast mode formulas in existing cards). 


Any tip for maintaining a large number of cards otherwise is highly appreciated. 



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  • jaredpk
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    There are some product enhancements on the roadmap that will allow for mass managment of cards for duplication, movement, deletions etc.  Those are already being used and tested in a beta environment.


    In the meantime, we do have an internal tool for duplicating cards.  It does not allow for mass updates to the filters, but at least allows for instantaneous copying of cards.  If you run into such a need, please reach out to Domo Support who can help you.


    Also one best practice I use to reduce card sprawl is to rely on the use of the Analyzer function.  That way I only need to create one set of cards and can use the analyzer function to filter down to what I need.  Please let me know if you have questions about how the Analyzer works.

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