Renaming Datasets

I'm having trouble getting the renaming of a dataset to stick.  Here is what is happening:


1.  I rename a dataset in Domo (via the Data Center)

2.  Open Workbench.  Check job to update the datasouce.  The new name is there.

3.  Run workbench.  As soon as the data starts to upload, the datasource reverts back to the old name.


How do I get the name to stick?  I'm using Workbench v4.

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  • alexpeay
    alexpeay Domo Employee
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    @jferrara This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release of Workbench.  I apologize for the inconvinience. 

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • jferrara
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    For what it's worth, I found that if you export the job to a json file, open it with notepad and do a find replace on the dataset name with the new can import and overwrite the job and the dataset name will stick.  


    I suggest testing this with a test dataset first.  I've successfully done this with 5 datasets so issues.  If you're doing it right, Workbench v4 will prompt\warn you that you are going to overwrite and existing job.


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @jferrara out?


  • Hi @alexpeay, I'm experiencing this issue as well.  How often are releases of Workbench made available?  How should I know if there is a update available?  I'm running Workbench v4.0.5891.36387.