Serious Feature Request: Autoplay .gif Image cards

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Honestly thinking about iterations of the tool. I know it seems silly, but bear with me. Currently we use hipchat for our internal business chat. Many other companies use Slack or some other similar tool. While I expect emoticons to come with Buzz 2.0, I haven't seen anything related to .gif functionality. Perhaps in finance or healthcare these won't frequently be used, but in marketing they're basically par for the course. Like them or not, they're here to stay in that industry, and working with remote dev staff, can actually be a somewhat crucial switching requirement to embrace buzz 2.0 vs other existing chat tools. Have you given any thought to creating autoplay .gif or HTML5 cards? I know that there is currently an image card type and a document card type, so I'm guessing the autoplay functionality wouldn't be too terrible to do.


Again, I recognize that .gif image files will work in full card mode, but is there a way to use them in buzz on hover, or in page mode?


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    Can you post this idea in our ideas exchange here? This way other customers can vote it up and it will officially get tracked by our product management team (even though @MitchyMitch8 and @Gavatar have it on their radar).


    Thanks and keep the great comments and ideas coming!



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    @totesmgoets Haha, I love this. I literally just put this as a task on our development board last week. Not quite sure when it's going to land, but you should be seeing this fairly soon. Love the great feature request! I'm also going to use that GIF every time I have to ask an executive for something ?

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I just talked to Aaron who is over this part of the product and he might jump in but we are definitely including the ability to add /giphy and we use them all the time.  I captured a little of our buzz conversation and included it below for reference.



  • Yeah, I'll move it over there for you. Sad that dojo doesn't have a way to migrate threads...


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  • Thanks very much, I do have the ability to move threads but wanted to make sure you were aware of the Ideas exchange! Appreciate you reposting as it will appear a bit claener than had I moved it.


    Keep up the great comments!


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