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Hey, how do I highlite a cell that is above a certain number, i.e. how do I create conditional formatting.


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  • Godzilla
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    you can only do conditional formatting on Sumo tables, not on standard table cards. The way you do it in Sumo:


    1. hover over the field name of the field you want to apply conditional formatting and you'll see three dots become visible (in the table header not in the left nav)

    2. click on the three dots and you will get a menu

    3. Click on Conditional Formatting and a new menu will pop up which will allow you to enter your criteria and select the colors

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    @pavelreznikov, did Godzilla's reply help answer your question?


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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @pavelreznikov with their question?


  • Yes, thank you so much!

  • Thnaks for the help and it works exactly as expected. 


    But when I share the SUMO card using publish oprions, the coulrs disappears. So the shared card has no conditional formatting. Why so?


    Can you help me? have you seen similar issues?