How do you automatically pull stock data into Domo?

Has anyone connected to Yahoo Finance or ETrade? I want to pull stock data.

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  • In my opinion, the two Quandl connectors will not work anymore. I've recently found for daily quotes and for financial data like 10-K filings. 


    At the end of the day, if you really want robust API's with all the info you need, you're going to have to pay for it. 


    I do appreciate everyone's help on this! 


  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    @christophorce - I didn't see any specific connectors that pull Yahoo Finance or Etrade, however if you go into your DataCenter and look for the Quandl Connector you'll see some files that might you what you are looking for - 





    Take a look and see if those meet your needs!

  • Google Sheets using Googlefinance formula works great.




  • Worked like a charm! Great tip. Thanks!


    @Dani, you should make this a KB article and show step-by-step building financial charts in Domo via Google Sheets. Took 1 min to set up.

  • @christoporce

    Great idea we will look into it!

  • Hi all - I set up a Google Sheet to pull the stock price for one of our clients and in the Google Sheet the data returned looks great, like this:

    10/3/2016 16:00:0017.27
    10/4/2016 16:00:0017.87
    10/5/2016 16:00:0018.04
    10/6/2016 16:00:0017.97
    10/7/2016 16:00:0017.99
    10/10/2016 16:00:0018.25
    10/11/2016 16:00:0017.76
    10/12/2016 16:00:0017.68
    10/13/2016 16:00:0017.62
    10/14/2016 16:00:0017.61


    But everytime I try and connect using the Google Sheets connector it does not return any values (and I have double checked it's referencing the right sheet name).  I think it has to do with the cell values containing a forumla because when I copy and paste values, then the data comes through the connector just fine. 

    Is anyone else having an issue with the cells that contain a forumla not coming through the connector?



  • n8isjack-ret
    n8isjack-ret Domo Employee

    Formulas in general work great, I just tested it out again to be sure and the values come across clean.


    In the Google article mentioned above ( it states:


    • Historical data cannot be downloaded or accessed via the Sheets API or Apps Script.  If you attempt to do so, you will see a #N/A error in place of the values in the corresponding cells of your spreadsheet.


    This seems to be specific to the GOOGLEFINANCE function. I tried many other functions and they all work as expected.

    Former Domo employee you can find me in the Dojo Community here @n8isjack
  • Ahh, thanks @n8isjack-ret!  I didn't catch that the historical data is known to result in #N/A errors.  Bummer, but glad it's not all formulas.  Thank you!

  • @christophorce,did any of the above replies help you out?

  • i tried using the google sheets approach. unfortunately it would only work some of the time. When DOMO would update, most of the cells just said "updating..." I'd have to go into the sheet and basically refresh it, then the import would work. It was too unreliable.  

  • @Bulloko @n8isjack-ret @Millhouse


    Any thoughts on this?


  • @Sweep_The_Leg there is a way, using Yahoo finance, to get stock information into Domo. It is very flexible and can provide a LOT of good information.


    NOTE: This is not a basic process. An understanding of web url manipulation will help. You may need to study the Yahoo API documentation as well.


    I will do my best to present the steps here. Note that these steps may change over time. They work well today but if the Yahoo API changes there may be differences when you are implementing this process.



    STEPS to build the connector:

    1. Create a new "CSV Advanced Connector" (see the article above if you're not sure how).
    2. The first step in the process of building the CSV Connector it will ask you for login information. You will not actually need a username or credentials for the Yahoo API. Leave these fields blank and continue through the setup.
    3. When setting up the "Details" pane in the new connector choose:
      1. Protocol: "HTTP Request"
      2. URL: This will be where you put the url to pull the stock information. More information below.
      3. File Type: CSV
      4. All other settings can be left blank.
    4. You may setup any other configuration steps however you like.


    HOW TO build the URL (for 3.2 above):

    1. Here is a sample URL you can try. If you want you can keep this url permanently, but I would recommend that you build your own:
    2. Tickers in the url begin with s= and you separate the tickers with a + sign.
      1. The example above uses AAPL, GOOG, and MSFT so it will pull stock information for those three stocks.
    3. The data you want back begins with f= and it is just a list of the options. There is a LOT of information you can get so you'll need to study up on the Yahoo API. The jarloo link I gave above has examples and step by step considerations as well.
      1. In the example url it is f=nsd1l1m3 and it will produce these columns:
        1. = Name
        2. s = Symbol
        3. d1 = Last Trade Date
        4. l1 = Last Trade (Price Only)
        5. m3 = 50 Day Moving Average
      2. There are a LOT of other columns you can pull. Get the code for any column you want from the api and build your own url.

    When you're done, save and run the dataset. It will import the data from Yahoo. You can schedule it for whatever timeframe you want it to run.


    NOTE: Domo will not know the column names. The Yahoo API does not return those. So each column will be called simply: COLUMN1, COLUMN2, etc... You will have to run the dataset through a Blend or ETL to rename the columns.

    Former Domo employee you can find me in the Dojo Community here @n8isjack
  • Good afternoon, 


    Well the Yahoo API worked great... until yahoo shut it down on 11/1. I'm back to trying our Quandl connectors, but even those aren't working right. The End of Day Stock quote connector isn't showing any data for 11/8 (yesterday's close) and the Zacks ZIP file was discontinued in Sep 2016 (this was confirmed by my reaching out to Quandl directly). 


    I'm trying other free API that I can find on the net, but nothing seems to be what I need. All I'd need, bare bones, is an API that collects historical price data, at time of market close, and the associated Symbol. 


    Anyone else have any suggestions?

  • @Sweep_The_Leg thanks for the update!


    @n8isjack-ret @Bulloko


    Any thoughts on this thread given Yahoo's closure of their API?