Domo Online forms (adding columns to an existing webform)

I've created a dataset using Domo's online form (also called webform).  My data has 3 columns.  I'd like to add a 4th column.  When I try to edit the dataset I don't see the possibility of doing that.  Is this possible without creating a new dataset?

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    Hello Brian,


    I've come across a similar issue, regularly. I can insert a row, but not a column. I just move forth with a completely different data set.


  • Seems like this would be something useful for people.  Kind of a drag to create a whole new data set.

  • Folks,

    Going to reignite this topic, very restrictive to not allow the addition of a new column into a web form.

    Will add this to the 'Ideas' section.

  • have added this to the Ideas section:

    please vote up:






  • This functionality has been added!!!  Yay!!!  


    Next - Let's see if we can get some Filter/Sort capabilities added!  


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  • I actually dont see this functionality added?

    Am I missing something?


    Edit WebForm, right click (everywhere), add column is greyed out?



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