Is there a way to join data on a date between a start and end date?

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This is really a data flow question. I have assignments in one table that have a start and end date. I am trying to join this to daily activity.

set one look like

code start_date end_date

sm    1/1/2015 2/1/2015

asc   2/2/2015  6/2/2015


then there is daily activity and I need to see how much daily activity happened under each code...

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  • RosanneBroersma
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    if I understand correctly, you'd want to join daily activity for a certain code to the assignments table?


    If so, and you have dataflows enabled in your instance, here's how you can join:




    count(*) as Nr_daily_activity




    daily_activity on (assignments.code = daily_activity.code and between assignments.start_date and assignments.end_date)

    group by assignments.code


    Hope this helps?




    Rosanne Broersma


  • WHM
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    I thought I had replied to myself... I had forgotten there were SQL options. I was trying to use the "magic" option. We are dumping entire table structures so I should be able to use tons of SQL already written directly against the database to create my data sets. We are just getting Domo in and trying to figure out the best ways to get data in and useful.


    Thanks for the help!