Dynamically importing files.

I have a situation where a data source is coming in via email only, no available data connector in Domo. The file needs to be appended with a snapshot per email. Is there an automated file archive processes that Domo can provided? Basically, i would need to create a connection to pull the data from a file in a folder path, then be able to differentiate newer uploaded files to append that data. Any ideas?

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  • betogess
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    Here are some ways I have solve this before:


    #1 - Using Box / Dropbox: 

    1- Create a new folder in BOX

    2-Use the settings of the folder to retrieve the specific e-mail that Box assigns to that folder

    3- Send/Forward those files into the Box e-mail. This e-mail will upload the attached files into the folder. The files have to be named exactly the same so they replace the previous file.

    4- Use the box connector in DOMO to retrieve that file. Also schedule the datasource so it pulls the data AFTER the new file is placed in Box (this requires for you to have a specific schedule of when are those e-mails coming, if you don't know that put DOMO to schedule at the last minute of the day and update it on a daily basis).


    * I believe this might be possible with dropbox as well.


    #1 - CSV over FTP:

    We have developed internally some windows services that deliver csv files on one of our FTP's. Then we use the CSV-SFTP connector in DOMO to retrieve a file. You can probably find a service or plugin that can do for you and send those attachments to an FTP.


    Hope this helps.




  • kshah008
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    @CoreVest, did betogess's reply help address your question?

  • Sorry i didnt update sooner but i was able to find the same solution. I am testing a Box connector that Domo has setup.


    Once the intial setup is complete, the user can configure the connector to look into a folder or search all folders to find specified files. It allows the user to pick up most recently created or modified files, I have tested this process and was successful in appending daily refreshes. 

    currently i am setting up a FTP client to connect to Box.com. so that i can simulate vendors or services to upload files and tracking if the domo connector would append/replace files. trying to find possible bugs so i can trouble now before i go with this solution.


    thanks @betogess

  • yes it would help others, but the quickest solution was to call domo support