REGEX Extracting Names

Hello, Regex question here..

I am attempting to extract names from a string similiar to this but haven't had any luck:


["Joe Smith ","Jill Smith"]

I would like to retain the commas between names so that I can split these values to different columns afterwards, like this:

Desired Result:

Joe Smith, Jill Smith

Any suggestions on a regular expression that will perform this in ETL would be much appreciated.



Best Answer

  • MarkSnodgrass
    edited March 14 Answer ✓

    I would use the formula tile and use the replace function multiple times to remove those characters.

    Something like this:


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  • Are you simply looking to just remove the open and close brackets and the double quotes?

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  • Hi @GrantSmith. I am looking to remove the open and close brackets, double quotes, and return the result into a new column. Preserving the comma so that I can split the names into multiple columns later.

    I was attempting to complete this with the Replace Text tile in ETL. But had no luck.

  • Thank you @MarkSnodgrass , worked like a charm!