How do I get embed to update the dashboards with user input?

Long story short, built out an app with private embed (Using Swift since this is a MacOS/iOS application for work.), I can get the dashboards to display after logging in, yadayada, but they are not editable in any way, and I can't get any input pushed into the actual dashboards. I basically need it to do this:

User logs in → displays dashboard and the person they are inputting numbers for → inputs numbers/date ranges → it should push the data into the dashboard so you can see a live view of the data pushed up.

I cannot for the life of me find anything related to this, or maybe there is something I am missing. Is there anyone that could help?

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  • BCorless
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    Just to make sure we understand what the setup is, are you embedding this with the idea that users can input data into your app to update the data on the dashboard? Or are you attempting to allow users to input filter data to look at specific slices of your data?

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  • Jbryson
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    @BCorless yes, I essentially want it to take in user-input and that will update the current dashboard that is displayed (example: I got to the dashboard on the website instead of in the app, the data will be updated.)