Time Zones and Card DateTime Filters

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A customer has multiple locations globally that are pulling data into Domo. Because of this, datetime fields will have various timezones reflected in the data.

This presents a concern to users in different timezones if they use 'Today' as a selection to filter data on a card. Will they be truly seeing data from Today, based on their local timezone? Or will the time be offset where some values from the end of the day are dropped, and some values from the previous day are added?

This would cause issues with logistics and tracking if this is the case.

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  • BGomez
    BGomez Domo Employee
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    @leonbrooks, there is another KB that would help answer these follow up questions. In the link below, under the section for Setting Your Personal Timezone, only the global timezone in the Admin Settings will offset datetimes. Personal timezones will not offset any datetime data that you are viewing in Domo to display as the time zone you select as your personal timezone.



  • BGomez
    BGomez Domo Employee

    @leonbrooks, based on this KB article, all data loaded into Domo is assumed to be in UTC, and the company timezone setting will adjust the data from UTC to the selected timezone.


  • Ok so it sounds like if the customer has users for multiple locations and datasets from multiple locations. The best way to handle this would be to convert the data to UTC before sending to Domo to ensure accurate data on cards via date range. Then use the user level timezone settings to change to local timezone for scheduling. But when they view cards they will see UTC data instead of their local timezone. I want to confirm this because it is the problem the customer is trying to resolve. I assume Product Feedback to resolve the last issue if possible.

    From different Hivemind:

    One caveat that changing the personal timezone will NOT affect Domo content such as cards and pages. That will only affect timezones for scheduling datasets, scheduled reports, etc.