Hello, I am running into an issue with setting up a Domo API connector in OKTA, looking to create some workflows to add and remove users to my account. When I go to setup the connector in OKTA it is asking for the following pieces of information, I have more than half of the information but I am getting an error when I attempt to create. Can someone verify the Authorize Path and Access Token Path?

Authorize Path: Need help with this (I attempted with https://api.domo.com/v1/)

Access Token Path: Need help with this (I was attempting with "https://api.domo.com/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials&scope={SCOPE}")

Scope: user, account, dashboard

Client ID: Generated from DOMO

Client Secret: Generated from the DOMO



  • ArborRose
    ArborRose Contributor

    Looks like you need the client ID and secret. Go to the site for "developer.domo.com". Configure a client for the app and it will produce your id and secret values.

  • Thanks, ArborRose, I already did that, I just didn't want to publicly post that information. The issue I am having is generating the corresponding as the documents doesn't give me a clear direction.

    Authorize Path:

    Access Token Path: