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It comes out all zeros. Here is what I have so far. I tried count. Any ideas?

case when `Ethnicity` = 'White' then 'White'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Asian' then 'Asian'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'American Indian/Alaskan Native' then 'American Indian/Alaskan Native'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Black or African American' then 'Black or African American'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Hispanic or Latino' then 'Hispanic or Latino'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander' then 'Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Not specified' then 'Not specified'/`Count`

when `Ethnicity` = 'Two or more races' then 'Two or more races'/`Count`


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    @ggountanis You're getting zeroes because you're dividing the actual word by count. Also, how you're intending your code to work would just give you 1's because, for White, you would be dividing the number of white by the count of items in white. Another item, you don't need to do separate case when's for each ethnicity because your Ethnicity column will do the grouping for you. Try something like this:


    Since your columns are doing the grouping, the numerator will take the total in each grouping, and then the denominator will take the count of the entire population.

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