Pulling file with CSV Advanced connector with today's date

I'm trying to retrieve a CSV file daily with the CSV Advanced connector using the "HTTP Request" option and a URL that looks something like this:


When I run the connector with a path with a specific date, it successfully retrieves the file and imports the data, but I need this to be able to run every day. The Domo documentation for the CSV Advanced connector indicates there's a way to fill in the date automatically:

You can also request a file for a specific date. Name your file using the format file_[yyyyMMdd]_suffix.csv.

I tried doing this (replacing "20230220" with "[yyyyMMdd]" but it failed, as it looks like it's passing the "[yyyyMMdd]" as a literal string as part of the URL. I also tried putting the "fileid=....." in the HTTP headers, but that didn't work either (possibly for different reasons).

Is there some way to do this, or does it only work when fetching files with SFTP?

(This is a third party site, so I have no control over the naming conventions. They also don't support a "request latest file" option)