Compare one column to another then out other data.

I am not an SQL person by any means. I am using a Data set where I am comparing the supervisor's name to the employee's name (All names are on this data set) and copying the Supervisor's Email into the Employee supervisor's email column that is blank. So in theory Steve's email will be copied into Jim and Luke's line.

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    You'll need to utilize a Magic ETL for this. You can take the dataset as your input. Then feed it to a Select Column Tile. You can then select the Supervisor Name and the Email columns where you rename the Email Column to 'Supervisor Email'. Then feed your original dataset into a Join tile where you will left join your data with the output of the Select Columns tile where the Supervisor Name = Supervisor Name. This will then add in a new Supervisor Email (which we named in the prior steps) and should then have the supervisor email for every other employee.

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  • I have tried this beast mode formula but not sure if this is the correct direction.