Scheduled report is empty, but I'm the author of the report

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I have a daily scheduled report with an attachment that keeps coming to me with no data. Any workarounds? I want the email with the spreadsheet attachment of data.

  • Yes, the data has PDP on it
  • BUT! I am the author of the card, and I have permissions to see all the data in it.
  1. When I was testing the card, I kept using the "Send now" function, and got data by email.
  2. After the card was scheduled, the emails were blank. It took me too long to clue in to what was happening.

The goal of this exercise is that I have a Power Automate waiting to download the file from my Outlook and run some tasks on it. But because the spreadsheet keeps arriving with blank data, there's nothing to run on.

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  • MichelleH
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    @MB_Dem Do you have any time-based filters on your card that would result in no data being visible in the card that the time the report is scheduled to send?


  • Huh. That's interesting. I just tried setting up a second schedule for the report, and it worked this time.

    I'll keep both schedules running to see what happens. Now I have:

    • V1 - scheduled daily for 12AM UTC (currently sending blanks)
    • V2 - scheduled daily for 5PM UTC (it just sent data)

    The report itself always contains data for the previous day. I wonder if something happens at 12AM UTC where it resets itself. I'll give it the weekend to marinate and if it works, I'll come back here and mark your answer as the right answer!

  • There is indeed an issue with the 12AM UTC scheduled report - somehow it's always blank, but the 5PM UTC one has data. Mystery solved!