Is there a way to force a column header to be blank?

When formatting a column "Data Label" in a table chart from the formatting drop down where you would format justification etc. - you are able to override the column name with more plain english.

However, in some instances, I've wanted to override the column name with nothing, i.e. have a blank column header, especially if the first row of my table is designed to be forced as categories - I know that if you entered a column header name with any trailing or leading white space, which killed my first solution of "Put in a space". I've also tested a couple of the unicode standard thin spaces, half spaces etc. to see if they might interact differently

Has anyone found a way to bruteforce this outcome or am I going to have to put a "-" in?

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  • RobSomers
    RobSomers Contributor
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    @Stuck You'll need to use the line break tag from HTML. If you put <br> as the data label, it will make the header blank.

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