Have date range in x axis for week


I have a weekly data and I want to represent date(x axis) as Jan "1-7" instead of "week 1" .

Is this possible to do so in for a set of cards instead of changing this feature at an admin level?



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  • MichelleH
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    @chetan_cricut You would need to create a calculated field to concatenate the first and last day of the week (similar to how you created the week start date) for your x-axis, sorting by week start date. Your x-axis calculation would look something like this:

    concat(date_format(`Date` - dayofweek(`Date`) + 1,'%b %d),
    ' - ',
    date_format(`Date` + (7 - dayofweek(`Date`)),'%b %d))


  • Hello,

    I think you are asking about field formatting, just click on the date field when that expands all the way at the bottom is the "Date Format" checkbox you can change it to what you want the card to use.

    Hope this helps.

  • Sorry, I dont see that. Can you please share a snippet.

  • @chetan_cricut If you would rather manage this at the card level, then add a week start date field to the x-axis and set the date graph by setting to "none".

  • @MichelleH I already did that, but I would rather want to show the date range instead of start/end of week. Do you know of a work around here?

  • @MichelleH Thanks, that worked!!