How can I know the departments that have access to cards/dashboards?

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Is there a way to get a DOMO card to show a report of people's departments

which departments has access to card/dashboards?



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  • amehdad
    amehdad Coach
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    Hi @WorldWarHulk, the following steps can provide you with what you need:

    1) Bring in 'Activity Log' and 'People' datasets from DomoStats from the Appstore,

    2) Combine the datasets to extract the relevant fields together,

    3) Apply the filters on the fields 'Object_Type' and 'Action' such that you have 'Card' and 'Page' as well as 'Shared' respectively selected,

    4) Bring in 'Object Name', 'Display Name', 'Department' and any other fields relevant (as long as it does not create duplicate rows for your final dataset such as 'Event Time')

    5) Create the report from the resulting dataset.

    Let me know if there are any questions.


  • WorldWarHulk
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    Hi @amehdad

    Thank you for your response.

    I will try this out.

  • Hi @amehdad

    I was able to create a report.

    The department column are based on the users departments that viewed the cards, is that right?