Most recent event, multiple columns

Hi all. Appreciate all the help in the past.

I am trying to get to show on a card the last/most current status of a shipment. I have the columns below. The port columns A,B,C are connected to one source and D,E,F,G are pulling from another source, but are joined into one sheet in Domo. What I am trying to do is find the most recent date (green highlighted) and then concatenate the columns and return one cell. I am assuming its probably best to do in an ETL rather than a beast mode?

The end results would look like this:


Current sheet layout:


  • Hi @AdamC, yes ETL would be the best option.

  • I wonder if you might be able to help me out with the syntax? I don't have a lot of background with any type of coding so starting with a blank slate.

  • @AdamC

    Will you have multiple records with the same ID or is it just one record per ID and you want to check the latest date based on multiple columns for the one record?

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  • Morning Grant. Thanks for the reply. I have read quite a few other problems you have helped solve for folks that have helped me on other things. Appreciate you taking the time.

    Each unit would have a unique ID. But to complicate things more, one of the sheets would have a unique and only one status and the other sheet has the many records per ID.

    Not sure if it would help but you can think of the two sheets as towns and the unit as a package. It originates in town A where sheet 1 will track it and then when it moves from town A to town B the second sheet picks it up. In reality its actually tying together two systems that track for two different areas. One system only has a single current status(last status) and the second has a running log. My card I want to tie the two sheets together so it follows the most recent update and displays only the most recent in one place for folks.

  • Now that I spelled it out like that... I wonder maybe since the one sheet is a single date and the other is multiple. Maybe I can/should take the one sheet and narrow it down with an ETL to the single date and then join the tables after that so it would only have to choose between two dates?