How to get Gross Sales from Shopify?

My team and I are in the process of building datasets from Shopify's API but we are not able to get the gross sales amount to match with the gross sales amount in the Shopify's dashboard.

Does anyone have any insights on this?

We selected the report "All Orders". We have played with all columns, total_price, subtotal_price, total_discounts, total_tax and others.



  • According to their documentation Net Sales is Gross - Discounts - Returns + Taxes + Shipping so you should be able to back into Gross sales with:

    Gross = total_price + total_discounts + returns - total_tax - total_shipping_price_set_presentment_money_amount

    Refunds/Returns isn't included in the All Orders report in the API, you'll also need to pull the Refunds report.

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