Previous, Current, and Next Quarter Date Range in a chart


I have a GANTT chart that I'd like to show a dynamic date range of previous, current, and next quarters as a default date range. I don't see any option in the date range selector to achieve it. I can either show the previous, the current, or the next Quarter, but not all three.

One hack is to choose the "All Time" date range and show only these 3 quarters using a filter, but it is not desirable because it limits the date range just to these 3 quarters.


  • Hi @gsharma ,

    A bit confused so looking for clarification. In your first paragraph you are saying you want to see previous, current and next quarter, but in the second you don't want to do the fitler on those 3 because it would limit the chart to only those 3. I'm not understanding because it sounds opposite of what you want....looking for more clarification to help.


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  • @DashboardDude

    Short Version: Ignore the second paragraph :)

    Long Version: In the second paragraph, I meant to say that technically I can achieve the desired result by artificially limiting the results in the chart to just these three quarters either in the dataset or using the card filters. This will mean that I can't use the same card to show any data which doesn't fall in these 3 quarters.

    However, I don't want to create this artificial filter, instead, keep the whole data in the card, I just want to change the default Date Range to these 3 quarters.

    I hope this clarifies.

  • @gsharma

    Ah okay. So I think you have to pick your poison.

    1) Option 1: Make the artificial filter of a 1 if the quarter is a previous, current or future quarter, but then you can't use that same card if someone wants to choose a different quarter unless they open editor and change it

    2) Option 2: You CAN make a filter at the top of your dashboard that is then defaulted to your artificial 1, but all cards on that dashboard will be affected by the date filter too if they are all from the same dataset. You can choose each card and turn off filter exceptions though so those cards aren't affected. Honestly, this 2nd option is a lot of work and I don't think worth it.

    Why not just make a default card that has your artificial filter and another one right next to it that doesn't have the filter so someone can change it in a quick filter?

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