Top 10 items view

we wanted to review top 10 item out of 1M items

i can apply for filter accordingly

example... how we should bring on ranking column while using beast mode


  • You can utilize the RANK window function in a beast mode. Something like:

    RANK() over (PARTITION BY `List` ORDER BY SUM(`All Total`))

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  • @GrantSmith

    there is no column for 'All Total' column

    we should consider Grand Total (Column) how we should bring top 3 items only

  • example here you go...

  • Region / Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 / Amount Total (column)

    Applied beast mode as below function but doesn't work for me.. not sure how to apply ranking 'Amount Total' side. (this column doesn't appear in datatable)

    RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY `Region` ORDER BY SUM(`Amount`) desc) <=10 then 'include' else 'exclude'

  • @GrantSmith

    the result give individual Gross grand total(column) level for each Qtr and add up ranking as Net grand total.. Not sure how we can decide the ranking as grand total level top 10 items.

    result should be 69,692 - rank 1

    25,980 - rank 2

    20,980 - rank 3

    20,314 - rank 4