Making your DDX HTML Brick transparent

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Hoping someone will be able to solve a mystery for me. I have been playing with the HTML brick and am stuck on how to make the background of the card transparent. I used the card interface but even when set to transparent it remains white which I suppose in makes sense.

I tried using CSS to have the background match the background of the dashboard but then I'm left with this white space at the bottom. I'm unable to resize my card to get rid of the white space and avoid the scrollbar. Is there a hack for this or am I missing something obvious?


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  • meerens
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    So I managed to find the solution to this. Using the background color UI of the brick card to control the background doesn't work. 'Hacking' your CSS does.

    By giving the class my div container that holds all my html and the actual html element the same color you have full control over the background of your brick.