Need help with Weighted Average

I have only been working with domo and formulas for a little over a year. And some formulas are really mind boggling. For Example, I am trying to get the Weighted average for an employees overall all performance. Normally in Excel it would look like below,

I have searched through this forum, and on Google, to see what would be the best formula to use in Domo, but everything I have tried gives OUTRAGEOUSLY high averages.

Through my research I found a formula, that I tried to use for what I need. and below was my outcome.

SUM((`Email Productivity %`+`Call Productivity %`)+(`% Weight Email`+`% Weighted Calls`))/ SUM(`% Weight Email`+`% Weighted Calls`)

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this issue? As this is what I am ending up with

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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
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    @Jean_McDonald A couple observations about your formula:

    1. The SUMPRODUCT formula in your Excel example multiplies call and email productivity by their respective weights and adds them together. Your formula in Domo simply adds all 4 percentages together, which results in the weighted averages above 100%
    2. Assuming the weights in AF and AG always add up to 100%, you do not need a denominator

    Try this instead:

    `Email Productivity%` * `% Weight Email` + `Call Productivity %` * `% Weighted Calls`