Current date and before end of the month

I'm looking to work out the number of remaining installations left in the current month. I have two columns which have date values (KPI Completed, Completed Awaiting Power).

How would I show data that is greater than or equal to the current date and less than or equal to the end of the current month?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You can create a beast mode that looks like this:

    CASE when `datefield` >= CURRENT_DATE() AND `datefield` <= LAST_DAY(CURRENT_DATE()) THEN 'Yes'
    ELSE 'No'

    This should work for you.

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  • @louiswatson Here is the general logic for a beast mode filter you described using one date field:

    when year(`Date`) = year(CURRENT_DATE()) and month(`Date`) = month(CURRENT_DATE()) and `Date` >= CURRENT_DATE() then 'Include'
    else 'Exclude'

    We would need to understand the definitions of your two date fields to apply this to your specific use case