Plot two lines (separate metrics) on a Line Chart

Hello -- I thought this would be simple put perhaps not.

I have email open rate & email bounce rate as green measures.

They are both % 0-100 so only need a single Y axis, and plotted by week so single X axis.

Unfortunately it appears Domo does not have the option to plot two line charts together.

I get that I can mangle the data to make each measure .... part of a "separate series" -- but that is very counter-intuitive to how most databases store fields. It's basically a bad hack to try to get things to work, when ideally it would just be straightforward & one would would be able to drop two green measures on the Y axis. Or am I missing something?

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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
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    @Chris220 You should be able to plot both lines using a Multi-line chart with one metric in the Y-Axis and the other in the Series. While Analyzer only allows one field in the Y-axis location, you can add multiple fields in the Series location.