Line and bar combinations help

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I am trying to create a chart by weeks showing

Sales as a bar

Budget as a bar

and then the variance between the 2 as a line.

I want the scale for the variance to be on the right hand side and the scale for sales and budget on the left.

I am trying lots of combinations but can't seem to find the one that fits.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please?

The best I can do is as above but the variance scale ends up on the left. Can you swap these?

Like this


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  • Jones01
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    I'll mark this as resolved and answer my own question as hopefully will be useful for others.

    To get this behaviour I choose a Grouped bar + line chart.

    My sales went on the Y axis value and then next part was important.

    The next series value was budget followed by %.

    Then to move the budget value onto the left scale I selected the following which I assume tells the chart I want sales and budget on the left scale which leaves % on the right.