Stats for number of Cards per Page

Is it possible to get the following information on a card?

  • List of Pages
  • Owner of Page
  • Created Date of Page
  • Last data of data refresh
  • Number of cards on the page

I've tried doing this using Domostats data but can't find a dataset where I can get this information, especially the count of number of cards per page. Any thoughts?

Best Answers

  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
    Answer ✓

    @AttuAk Check out the Domo Governance connector. There are several different reports you can use to access this information.

  • mhouston
    Answer ✓

    @AttuAk i think you can do this but you will need a couple of the governance datasets. For page name, owner, created date - you can get this from the DomoStats Pages Report.

    For number of cards - you can either use the pages report in the third party Domo governance connector or you could use the Domostats or you can use the Card Pages from DomoStats and do a group by on page id, coutn card id, and join to the DomoStats Pages dataset.

    For created date of page - I think you can only get this from the pages report in the third party Domo governance connector.

    For last date of data refresh - I think this is the most challenging. I did not see this in any of the page datasets - I think you would have to use the Cards and datasets report from the third party governance connector to get the dataset name/id, and then join to the datasets report from the third party connector to get the last updated date for the dataset - then you'd group on all the cards on the page to get the max last updated date (if you're using multiple datasets to power yours cards on the page).


  • Thank you @MichelleH and @mhouston You both answered my question. I as able to get the data from Domo Governance and then join the datasets to get what I needed. Thanks for your help