Trying to get card that shows the row count that is shown in the data warehouse

I am using the Domo governance dataset to get the total row count, but the total is way higher than what is shown on our data warehouse page.



  • mhouston
    edited October 2022

    @apritchett which domo governance dataset are you using?

    I have used the domo governance third party connector with the datasets report and was able to create a card that showed the correct total.

    Depending on which report you are using, you may have multiple rows per dataset, which would inflate your row count if you are just doing a sum().

  • @mhouston This is the dataset I am using it is from the domo governance third party connector

  • mhouston
    edited October 2022

    @apritchett so within that there should be a number of options for the report:

    are you using the Datasets report?

    also - do you have access to all the datasets in your instance? I'm not sure, but I wonder if that may impact the number you see in the data warehouse vs what you see in your card

  • @mhouston Yes, I am using the datasets report, and I have access to all the datasets in my instance.

  • @apritchett if you could describe/post a screenshot of your card configuration, and the discrepancy between your card row count total and the data warehouse row count total, the community may be able to help find the issue. Without more information it's hard to help find the root cause.

    Otherwise you may need to submit a ticket to support.

  • I've seen this issue before but never pursued it...@apritchett you're not going crazy. The governance/datasets report pulls down 1 row per unique dataset for sure and the row count for that'd expect them to match up with the summary values in the top right of the warehouse (or pretty close to some degree) but I'd guess there is some other method that Domo is using to get their aggregates in the warehouse. Just spot checking a few instances now on a fresh refresh of the governance dataset, I see 1%-15% variance in dataset and row counts. Guessing it's a different method they're using, point-in-time deltas, or perhaps even some exclusions of certain dataset types. If you run this one down with Support please follow up with what you learned.

  • @apritchett & @Billobi Note that the Domo Governance datasets only allow once/day scheduling, so if you are running the Governance dataset overnight for example it would not capture any rows that have been added throughout the day