Color Rules on Map Chart

edited October 2022 in Ideas Exchange

Map charts currently reflect heat, but typically all 1 color, just different shades. We have certain states assigned to certain reps, they are only slightly differently colored due to heat map limitations. It would be nice if we could choose the color based on a value (assignment), similar to color rules on other charts/cards, so that it is more distinguishable.


  • @JenniferGibson - This is a good idea. I would recommend posting it in the Ideas Exchange.

    Maybe @AnnaYardley could help move this over to the right spot?

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  • @JenniferGibson @ST_-Superman-_ Sounds like a great idea! I just moved this over to the Ideas Exchange so the product team can have eyes on it.

  • It looks like this hasn't been added yet, but I would like to voice my support for this! It's already in other charts, I'm not sure why it was removed from the Mapping tools as this is a severe limitation in some cases.