Filtering Report Data by Multiple Dates

So, I have a dataset, Appointments. An appointment has a Created Date (the date the appointment was made by a scheduler) and a Scheduled Date (the date the customer is scheduled to come in). These dates are used for different metrics: Created Date is used for Conversion (to see how many customer interactions in a period resulted in an appointment) while Scheduled Date is used for Show Rate (to see how many appointments we scheduled had the customer actually show up and receive service in a given period).

One natural problem that occurs is that a customer may have their appointment Created at the tail end of, say, May, but they might not be scheduled to come in until the first week of June.

What I want to know is: is it possible to have the Date filter in DOMO work off of both date fields? As in, if I select May for the month, I can see both all appointments created in May, plus all the appointments scheduled for May?

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  • mhouston
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    @Brightsider you can but you would have to restructure your dataset. You'd need a single date column to filter off of, so you'd want to pivot your data to create a single date column, and then have a new label column that holds the value of "Created" or "Scheduled"

  • I figured that would be the case, but that is A-OK. Thank you, mhouston. :)


  • You could concatenate the months of the two columns, and then use the "contains" filter. For example, the cell value would be "May, June" (concatenated from the two date columns), and the filter would be "Contains May"

  • That's possible, though I worry about both the performance of such a thing, plus the fact that this report is used for year-over-year comparison a lot.

    Thankfully, I asked this question while I was designing the dataset rather than after I had already imported it, so I'm in the middle of updating it now. :)