Dataset refresh failure notifications

Is there a way to send the failure notifications to a group or group email? Currently Domo only allows to send the notifications to the owner. Is there an alternate solution to send the notifications to a group?



  • Currently it's not an option until they allow group ownership of datasets. You could utilize an email address that would then forward emails to a group but that would have to be handled in your email server outside of Domo.

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  • We had a similar use case and created a group email address, set up a user in Domo with that email, and then made that user the owner of the process the group needed a notification about.

  • Our Domo instance was setup with SSO, can we still create an user with group email? In that case, if we have 10 teams using Domo instance, should we create 10 users with respective group emails, and use that account to login and subscribe to notifications?

  • If SSO is required, Grant's recommendation may be your best bet. 

    Otherwise, it would depend on what you can do with your IDP. However, I suggest talking with someone in security at your company because there may be rules around what kind of users you are allowed to create or other things you need to be aware of. If you can add the group emails to your IDP as users and access Domo using them with SSO, you can add those users to notifications.