How can I create personal cards?

I have a team of people, each with responsibility for some portion of my dataset, taken from a Ticket Management system. I want to create cards and a dashboard that shows each individual on the team a series of data points about their tickets only.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Is it possible to auto-filter based upon the users login credentials?

Can a dashboard be programmatically filtered and emailed?

PDP seems to need hard-coded values and doesn't support variables. Is this conclusion correct?

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  • mhouston
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    @har_d_har1 my first instinct here is that PDP is your best solution. It doesn't have to be hard-coded values - you can assign based on user attributes, or create custom rules. Is there something in your dataset that identifies which ticket belongs to which user? You could use that in your PDP. For example, if you have the user's email in the dataset, then you'd set up a PDP rule on that column and choose the filter by trused attribute where trusted attribute is email.


  • Dynamic PDP solved this - my organization only uses one Trusted Attribute, which wasn't well represented in my input datasets. Once I figured that out it came together easily.