Show a card ONLY when a specific dashboard filter is in use

I have a card that I only want to show if only one option is selected in a dashboard level filter. Is this possible?


  • @AaronCrouch I don't believe this is possible in domo at this time, but you could submit it as an idea in the ideas exchange.

    when you say only one option is selected - do you mean a specific value? one idea to explore could be creating a beast mode on your dataset that hyperlinks to the card you want to show only for that value. so when that value is filtered, you'd get the link and you could click over to the other card, otherwise the field would be blank.

  • One other thought - if the filter values are available within the dataset that the card would be built from, you could write a beast mode around the card metric(s) that would only display data when the filter criteria had been met. This can be computationally intensive and maybe a bit tricky to work out the correct logic based on your data, but it can definitely be done. This would mean the card would show no data until the case statement logic that would cause the metric to display was met, so it would still exist on the dashboard just with no data. It's probably not exactly what you want, but it could be a workaround.