Importing a CSV using SFTP and double quotation marks to isolate the data

Hi, this is a bit of an odd question but will do my best to ask it.

I have a CSV file i am pulling for a SFTP, the file is in a CSV format and pulls the headers and first cell but it stops.

After each comma the data is wrapped in double quotation marks, for example:

12328354,"User Name","1","Company Brand, Town"

from that example the last element of data has a comma within the quotation marks but is one cell of data.

Is there a connector i can use to get this importing?



Best Answer

  • HI @trafalger, I have worked out that I can use the CSV advanced connector, I can use a http csv or sftp connector within that, in the configuration I can then set it to allow the double quotations and commas within the quotations will not be processed.