Dojo Section for Bug Reporting

I would like to have a section on the Dojo for reporting bugs. This should allow others to upvote if they are having similar issues.

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  • this would be soooo useful!

  • I really like this idea. I normally report bugs using support cases, so it's not always clear how many other users in different instances are experiencing the same thing. Having a Dojo section for bug reporting would be great for sharing work-arounds with other users and may be more efficient for support to post updates in one location instead of responding to multiple cases for the same issue.

  • +100 It'd be a great sanity test to know, "no you're not crazy", especially when Domo makes silent product updates that have unexpected impact on other areas of the platform.

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  • Here is an example of a silent update. It only appears in one of my instances and I don't recall adding any sort of beta.

    New drop-down for columns in Analyzer.