link to new domo dashboard using applied filter

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I think this is similar to pFilter with embedded dashboard but not sure.

I want to create a link to a sub page dashboard. When the link is clicked it will keep the filtered value and apply it on the new page.

So in "Page 1" I filter card "Campaign Name" to value "xx-on24-L1",

In the dashboard there is a link to open "page 2". On load it will apply the value "xx-on24-L1" to the same card ( "Campaign Name") on page 2. Thus filtering the card data.

Is this possible?

I'm not as advanced as many of the community, but I would think this could happen with a parameter where I name the card and value in the URL....but not sure that is possible in Domo.

Note the pages are domo pages and not embedded. Is that required?




  • Hi Hal, you can use pfilters for this and dynamically create your URL based in a beast mode based on the fields you want to filter.

    Having the pages embedded isn't a requirement.

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  • OK. I'm not clear how to do this but good to know it will work. So I know how I create a beast mode in a card but do not know how to add it to the URL or the receiving page? I'll see if I can find more information on it.

  • Grant I tried multiple variations but am doing it wrong because all I get is:

    "A problem has occurred while loading page filters. If the problem persists, please contact the Domo support team. "

    The latest was the URL similar to this:,%22dataSourceID%22:%####-#####-####-####%22

    Here I choose the column name and the dataset ID (pulled from the URL of the dataset).

    I do not add a value because that should come from what was selected in the filter on page 1. So I do not know how to dynamically pull that???

  • You'll need to pass in a specific value with the pfilter for it to work properly. You can use the row's value with the specific column (Campaign Name in your case) and concatenate it with your URL. There's an example of this here:

    It doesn't know about the currently applied page filters but you can pass in the column value which would be the one filtered on.

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  • Ah. So in my scenario I want to pull the value from the applied filter. Since every business would be filtering a different value I can't use a static value in the link because each value is a campaign the user would report on. Basically I am wanting to pass the value they define in page 1... not one I pre-determined without relation to what they need.

    So with that in mind, I guess it won't work?