Variable limits in SPC chart

Is it possible to, instead of fixed values, based on the filter selection, modify the limit values for an SPC chart?

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  • @javiermolina What logic do you need it to follow? If you change the Scale Market value types from "Manual", there are several options that would change based off your data, which would update as you filter the card. I would also remove the Min and Max values on the Value Scale so that the visible range will resize based on filters.

  • Yes. I understand it can be manual. The case is the following:

    I would like with a slicer to change to another category and that the graphic update automatically (including the scale marker and the value scale) based on another value in the row

    So are those values can be formulas from the database for example?

  • @javiermolina This is not currently an option for SPC charts. You could create a separate card for each category and set the ranges individually for each one.

  • When the dataset is so big (with a lot of categories) this is not a suitable option. Probably something that you can comment to the development team

    Thanks for all the help