Box plot - different series

I would like to see in a boxplot different series to compare. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!


  • @javiermolina Yes, you can do this by adding the series you want to the "Category Names" section in Analyzer

  • Don't know if I understood correctly. Category name only allows me to have 1 column. As well as the 'Containing data set'

    My example is the following:

    I want to compare the box plot for only Category A but Parameters X, Y and Z

  • @javiermolina The box plot chart only allows one series, so I recommend setting "Parameter" as your series and adding a "Category" quick filter. Alternatively, you can create multiple cards for the same dashboard and filter each one to a different category.

  • Can you explain me further on your solution. I can not set parameter as the series, It has to be either x, y or z as those are the columns that are retrieving the data (meaning, only one box plot). I don't want to create multiple cards because that would mean to modify each graph individually.

    Can we make the suggestion to the development team?

    Thanks for all the help

  • @javiermolina Based on your table, I interpreted "Parameter" to be the name of the field, where X, Y, and Z are the values of that field. Are you saying that X, Y, and Z are field names?