Trying to figure out how to get this data set up in card

I have the following data below. I would like something like the grouped bar graph where the bottom would be my "y" column the values would be my "z" column BUT I only want to display the top 3 values of "x" column. So with the current data it should only display the values from where "x" is 4,5, and 6 ..... so when this gets updated and "7" comes in it should only display 5,6, and 7.

Hopefully I explained it well lol. Any help is appreciated

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    You will need to use an ETL and the Rank & Window tile to do this using Dense Rank using the 'x' column in descending order.

    Then when you go to create your card with the new dataset, if you called the ranking column in the ETL 'Rank', you would just create a filter where 'Rank' is less than or equal to 3, to give you the latest 3.

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  • Ahhh gotcha, I was seeing if there was a way around the additional layer of ETL but I guess i will stick with this. Thank you!

  • I think that you can accomplish this by combining the sort field and the Limit Rows field. (note that the summary number will still include all of the data though). The trick is that you need to know how many rows of data are going to make up the 3 groups that you are looking for, in this case 9 rows.

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  • Ohhh snap ok I will investigate to see if they always have a set number thanks for this! no idea we had that limit rows ability