Dataflow returns error

I have a dataflow, which the code is correct for, but it returns a "Whoops! Something went wrong" error. I've run this code in a code checker and a MySQL clone. Everything says it's good, except for Domo.

This is pretty basic functionality that Domo needs to have.

I am hoping to get a decent response that actually answers my question.


  • RobSomers
    RobSomers Contributor

    @Tommy, without more detail it's hard to know what might be going on. If it's a basic query, could you post it? It sounds like this is a MySQL flow and not an ETL. Also, is this a brand new flow or an existing one that you're editing?

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  • @RobSomers it is a new dataflow, and yes it is not an ETL.

    @SS_domolearner that sort of answers the question, although that's not exactly the answer I was hoping for. Why does it force added indexes to every join for it to run? if that's the case just make it do so automatically if it's required.

  • Have you tried replicating the dataflow in magic? I know it might not be ideal but typically Magic is significantly faster.

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  • @GrantSmith yes the Magic ETL is faster or doesn't experience errors, however as you mentioned it's not ideal. It takes longer to build out, it's much harder to transfer over as the readability is non-existent, and since it's not code, it's hard to add into a git repository for change documentation.

  • @Tommy In Magic ETL, if you highlight multiple tiles you are given the option to "Copy to Clipboard". You can then paste into your favorite text editor, I use Visual Studio Code, and you'll have the JSON code of the tiles you highlighted. This could enable you to better utilize git with Magic ETL.

  • @TheLookout thank you that's useful, still more steps than what it should be, and would prefer it be actual SQL instead of JSON, but it is useful nonetheless.

  • @Tommy - if you are still getting this generic error message, you can get more details by reaching out to Domo. You can try opening a ticket, or emailing your CSM. If you have a named support person, email them as well. I typically to all three when I have an issue. Domo is able to see more details about the error by reviewing their logs. If you click on the "Failed" label when looking at your dataflow history, you may be able to get some more information about what step caused the dataflow to fail:

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  • @ST_-Superman-_ yes I email them as well when I start a thread on here. Even though we're paying for 'Gold' help, most of my tickets aren't being resolved for months.