Dashboard display based on current time

I have a dataset with "Shift 1" and "Shift 2" values in the "Shift" column. 

Shift 1 is midnight-noon and Shift 2 is noon-midnight. 

what do you think the best way to have that dashboard update and only show the current shift based on the current_time would be, ideally using a beast mode so that during shift 2 you could toggle the dashboard with a slicer back to shift 1 if desired.

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  • Ashleigh
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    @JasonAltenburg yea I would do something with a BM that basically determines which one of the shifts is current (have one say current shift and then not current shift so you don't have issues with nulls ) then I would add that as a filter card to the top of the page as well as a filter card for the shifts. Select the current shift and save that as the default filter. People should be able to select not current shift if they want to see the other one.

    You could also probably make 1 filter and do a concat so it says Current shift - Shift 1, Not current shift - shift 2


  • You can't dynamically tell a page to filter on different values (filter on shift 1 / filter on shift 2) depending on the time of the day. You'd likely need to have a beast mode that calculates the shifts as either "Current" or "Other" and then have a default page filter where shift = Current.

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