group by and sorting by date

I have daily data (years of it) that will be grouped by category (columns summed by group), but also need it to happen within different date ranges. Last week, MTD, QTD, YTD etc. The only way I can think to do this is maybe in the ETL creating a new column with case statements for each category/date possibility, but this seems excessive and would not allow me to adjust date within the card later. Is there a better approach?

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  • RobSomers
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    Depending on how your data is organized, you should be able to do this within the card itself. If you use the date as a column/axis, then you can just do sums of all the columns you add and Domo will do all the grouping for you. This will also let you do all the custom filtering and timeframes you want.

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  • @RobSomers Yes, thank you. I was previously attempting to do a sum in beastmode, but by doing a sum in the aggregation it does automatically group it.