How to find a max value from multiple aggregates

Hey guys,

I'm looking at our collections information from the last two years to find our best collections month during that time frame for each of our locations. Before when I had to do this I just did it in ETL using a group by function, but this case is a little more complicated as I'm wanting a specific set of collections as opposed to all collections.

Basically I have a column dedicated to the string "collections type" which is tied to the other number column "collections amount". When I try to filter the "collections type" column and then group by "location" and "date" the ETL throws out an empty data set.

Is there an easier way to sum up all collections of a certain type by month? Once I have that information correct I can just do the max function over the date time frame I want to look at.


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Can you just use additional segments in your group by to include the month and collection type?

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  • No, I found the problem. I need to have multiple filters as I was also filtering by dates. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate you responding.